Anto Chan: Emcee, Poet, Comedian

Anto performs in poetry, stand-up comedy, storytelling and MCing, producing multiple shows in the city; Dare Storytelling @ The Ossington, and The Speakeasy @ Monarch Tavern. They are inclusive, heart-opening and exciting stages that are pushing the boundaries of performance arts every single show. He has joined forces with Daniel Salij as part of Art Everywhere and the Be Awesome Shoppe creating a platform to share buttons, magnets, stickers, paintings, canvas prints and opening stages to showcase the incredible talents here  in Toronto. 

To find out more about Anto’s shows, check out his website at for upcoming performances and events he’s helping produce. 

Also if you’re interested in buttons, magnets and Christmas ornaments, Be Awesome Shoppe is the place to check out  customized and one-of-a-kind pins! @beawesomeshoppe on instagram & for our website.

Anto has been a stand-up comedian for the past 11 years touring across Canada, Asia and many places in between. He was a part Magner’s Comedy Festival, Finalist in the Hong Kong Comedy Competition and won the Open Mic Hero at the I Heart Jokes awards as well as the Best Indy Room at the Ottawa Comedy Awards. His video “Gow” has over 293,000 views and was on the front page of Reddit. 

Anto loves sharing stories and motivational speeches in front of audiences of all kinds. He speaks of his family life, personal influences and always keeps it entertaining. His passion for growth and the stage is always highlighted in all his performances.  One of his main objectives as he shares is to motivate others to one day share their story in front of an audience too! 

In 2016, Anto participated in the Toronto Fringe Festival with his variety show “Shed Talks”.  Kate Cattell-Daniels from Mooney on Theatre said “Chan’s greatest accomplishment in Shed Talks is his ability to relax and be himself. His ease is contagious. This is a performer who knows his strengths: comedy, poetry, storytelling.” 

Anto began working with children when he was only 11 years old. He is grateful to have the opportunity to continue to work in a daycare as an Early Childhood Educator and hopes to inspire the next generation of children to become whatever they want to be, especially artists! 

Anto is the Chief Buttoneer at the Be Awesome Shoppe doing markets, fairs and art shows all over the GTA sellling buttons and magnets. Custom and one-of-a-kind, each individual piece has a story, with many made at our BUTTON PARTIES!

Anto has been creating PunFu images and Punfucius Say… since 2013. Combining his love for wordplay with powerfully punchy imagery, with help from his cousin Luc, PunFu was born! With canvasses, stickers and buttons, get your hands on these incredible images soon! 

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