A one-day event for bolstering awareness and support for wildlife conservation in Toronto and the GTA where proceeds from art and eco conscious vendors go to the Toronto Wildlife Centre.

Date: November 25th, 2018
Time: 1pm – 6pm

Venue: Annares Natural Health  (1076 Bloor Street, Toronto)

Free to enter.

Come celebrate Coexisting with Wildlife this late-November, where a roster of eco conscious vendors and artists group together to bring you a unique experience. You can expect local mixed media art, prints, illustration, live plants, spoken word, comedy, educational activities, and acoustic vibes throughout this one-day event. There is no entrance fee, so any donations to Toronto Wildlife Centre can be done by supporting the local artists at the event. See current art auctions below!

About Toronto Wildlife Centre:

Toronto Wildlife Centre is a charitable wildlife rescue organization providing medical treatment and rehabilitative care to sick, injured and orphaned wild animals found by members of the public. Since opening in 1993, over 270 different species have been admitted for care. They have grown into Canada’s largest and busiest wildlife centre, and a leader in the field of wildlife rehabilitation. Read more.

About Art for Charity T.O.:

Our little group started off as a private art-for-charity auction that garnered immediate interest among artists to provide a charitable events platform. We are also artists volunteering to keep this afloat, hoping to share our passions in creating more charitable events in the future.


Please observe the art pieces below and place your offer amount(s) in CAD and art selection(s) in an email to Your offer cannot be lower that the starting offer listed for the piece. Winners will be announced at our “Coexisting with Wildlife” event (time to be determined).

  1. Sparrow / Starting price: $80
    This marker drawing portrays a sparrow in flight.  It has been written that “the sparrow symbolism reflects the self-worth that each of us should feel for ourselves regardless of external factors. This energy and passion for ourselves is within each of our hearts somewhere, waiting to be awakened. These little songbirds want us to sing our soul’s own song, just as they do. ”
    Leah M. BostwickDaniel Salij / Daniel Salij is a multi-disciplinary artist whose productions are created from a feelings-first perspective.  A piece of art, whether it be music or visual or dramatic, is first conceived as the feelings which are to be stimulated in the viewer.  The process of creation then becomes a meditation upon the intention of the piece.

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