Ashley Gilmore performs Gray Matter

Ashley says,

“Gray Matter is a song for anybody who has ever felt like they have lost themselves in loving another.

It is a song about coming to terms with that awakening with one question, “who am I’?

This was a song I wrote years ago when I felt totally lost in my life. I had worked so hard on myself and then reunited with a past lover, who had busted down every door to every single boundary I ever had.

This is a song about the parts of my body that needed the truth and rage to be seen and heard and expressed some how. So that I would be able to own the experience and have something to hold close like a sacred Ju-Ju of where I never wanted to be at ever again in my life.

This is a song about the process of escaping from a narcissistic and abusive relationship. To this day, it is one of my favourite songs that I’ve written, because of the power it holds in it’s vibration.

This song saved my life.”

An audio-video production by Art Everywhere.
Recorded by Daniel Salij at Studio 85 in late 2020.

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