Daniel Salij : Musician, Visual Artist

Artist, by any means necessary.

DANIEL SALIJ – September 11, 1989.
T o r o n t o ,   O n t a r i o  ,  C a n a d a

Musician.  Visual Artist.  Dramatist.
Impresario   //    Champion for the Arts.

I value the arts.  I see great expressions as able to empower and inspire.  I have been revived by great works of art and in return offer my own simple, honest, sincere expressions.  I sing, not to appeal to the musical, but to the humane.  My song is a statement of intent, more primal than pretty.  It is an explanation of my essence.  I draw, not to be technically accurate, but to convey a message. I dance as my body dictates.  I am merely responding to an inner drive.  Art is a natural function of my being, and it is as service to my true self that I create.

Transfiguration – 2017
(Mixed/Digital Media)  [24″ x 18″]

What It Means to You – 2018
Music Video: Producer, Director, Editor
Song: Bass Guitar in the performing band Uforia
South Georgian Bay Film Festival: GOLD in Music Video Category
Mississauga Music Awards: Song of the Year

“Now is the Time”
From the ‘Hype-ography’ Collection (2018)

Soul Level // Battle Cry
by Daniel Salij 2017

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