the FreeFlow Showcase and Open Mic

FreeFlow Showcase events are a celebration of authenticity. We reflect the love within each of us, putting on an entertaining, heart-opening experience, pushing each other to be more present through performance. We are a space for great performers to lead by example, followed by the open mic portion which is inclusive and extremely encouraging towards those who may not be accustomed to the stage. We welcome shy art lovers and those looking to get out of their comfort zones, to grow alongside more established performers.

The FreeFlow team is all about making the world a better place. We aim to inspire love,  connection, and joy in this world. We gather weekly to hold space and feature amazing artists across several different platforms including: comedy, music, poetry, storytelling, videography and visual art features. We find we are at our best when we are supporting each other, building community, collaborating and promoting creativity!

With the outbreak of covid19 we moved our monthly Showcase at the 1017 Gallery online. Feeling the need to provide a container for our community amidst the mandatory isolations we upped the ante and started doing weekly shows. To our delight the show continued to improve, and although we couldn’t share physical space together, we were still able to gather. In some ways you could even say that our show improved.

For 16 weeks we gathered every Saturday night. Our family grew and together we laughed and cried as the world was flipped around. Here we hoped to help with the re-organization. To let people be heard. Here we gathered to listen and share.

After our 18th edition of the show we decided a break was in order. We are currently still on that break but surely the FreeFlow will one day return.