Jasmine Virgina: Visual Artist, Musician

Jasmine Virginia is best known for her use of light reflective materials that  transform before the eyes of the viewer as the light in the room changes or the viewers perspective of the piece shifts.  She creates sparkling sculpture on canvas and encourages people to reach out and touch her art as she believes art should be a multi sensory experience accessible to all. Jasmine is a self taught artist who followed the prompting of a lucid dream to create light based art, she’s since created hundreds of pieces that have and been displayed in shows and gallery’s across the province of Ontario. 

Visit her website, and see the full collection, here:  www.jasminevirginia.ca

Her art is created from love, for the purpose of love, and the intention behind each peace is to bring peace, joy, and wonder into manifest space for a transformative experience that reminds us to take a moment to marvel at the true beauty of this experience. When not creating art you can find Jasmine writing music and rocking stages across the country as the front woman of the well known Alternative Rock band POLARITY.


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