Jeremy Legault: Musician, Event Planner

Jeremy Legault is a Singer-Songwriter, Conscious Music Producer, Intentional Event Organizer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Mix Engineer. Upon picking up the guitar at age 11, Jeremy immediately realized that music was his lifelong passion and primary purpose, and nothing has changed since. Through sharing in multiple mediums and acquiring various skill sets through both self-taught methodology and formal schooling, Jeremy has shared his gifts on various big time stages, festivals, and studios.

Jeremy plays a blend of Roots-Reggae, Folk, Rock and Conscious Hip-Hop. He offers an ecstatic live set, balancing his well crafted songwriting with soulful improvisation and interactive sing-alongs. Jeremy emphasizes the aspect of solution based social commentary and the outpouring of unconditional love and harmony through the lyrics and vibrations that he exudes.

As a producer, Jeremy currently runs J-Dub Studio, a fully equipped recording studio and actively produces music for artists of various genres and cultural influences. He has Produced artists such as Darren Hall, Chronicles Dub Trio, Rainbow Warriors, Daniel Salij, Nature Flow, Real Bear, Cloud District, Goddess Breath, Jesse Buck and more. Jeremy has shared at festivals such as Bestival, Solstice, Kohala Aina, and Earth Works Tour. He currently co-runs an intentional concert organization called “Holy Fire” and throws regular events which strive to foster community and inspire the creative expression in everyone.




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