Kelly Evoy: Visual Artist, Poet


…•«As a child From hayfield daydreams And sun-kissed summers Did they first spring… The depth of my passions… My need for silvery laughter Fireworks of memories behind my eyes And explosions of insights Into the fluorescent blueprints Of. Infinite sentimental existentialisms The keystone fragments, shards and facets Of absolute beauty That… if you are still and open enough... You can be the silent witness to In this life. Whenever this world was too much I lived in the one behind my eyes. Behind those windows to my soul The blinding lights of them The heart stopping sights of them Would explode within my head. I thought everyone could see them But they were only in my head. They kept saying, sweet thing It’s all only in your head… But I never stopped watching I let them keep exploding there From inside my eyes, from the bottom of my heart I could just see into forever upon forever Kaleidoscopic images and colors That waking eyes so rarely get to see. Rainbow flashing realities and dreams Exploding like a fluorite-cornucopia-merry-go-round Spinning around inside french-vanilla-peach-and-strawberry-icecream-pastel skies. And one day I decided To pull them, one by one, Through the windows of my eyes And onto paper with kaleidoscopes of pens. And i have not stopped in 14 years. At the end of every day of light warrior service Of permanent loving intention Despite all my ignorance and all I could not yet see… To simply Inspire the uninspirable. I see this breathtaking world Inside those windows, still After so many battles and sorrows. And I just want to live in it Trying to draw it into forever, The world inside the windows. One long moment of me making it, forever. And I always see it best when I can’t. The greatest magic of it… It only happens when I’m stuck somewhere And I cant… just… SIT DOWN, let it escape from me And onto paper. And even if I could Sometimes I still cry, and want to die inside Because this mission and this world Can never let me keep going. I always have to climb back, outside the windows To cut the flow to live, and work, and earn money And be in this world, instead of that one And toil at missions that my heart feels so tired That I still remain here to do. And knowing what lies inside my head drives me mad. It drives me so mad to see it sitting there Each time i have no way to let it breathe. So it eats me alive and when this happens No matter how hard anyone tries It turns me into a wretch of a thing. I wonder, still, How such beauty can create Such a wretch of a thing. Sometimes when I’m in the worst of it, though If I breathe nice and easy and slow Out past the windows of my eyes Over a sparkling turquoise and white diamond sea There is a light Bathing the kaleidoscope land so brightly That the world never knows the night. Finally I see the truth Finally I have the might to say Come outside of there, beloved light Come outside with me Just sparkle and climb out through your window See, how bright my eyes? How my eyes glow, because of thee. Just come outside your window Come outside with me «•…
-Kelly Evoy-

Kelly Corinne Evoy currently resides in Lynden Ontario, self employed as an in-home functional body-weight strength training expert and for 6 years has studied the healing art of Reiki which she now practices at the master level. She is a self-taught artist and uses a wide variety of mediums such as pen, marker, acrylic, and oil. Many of her artworks are designed to sparkle in sunlight, fluoresce under blacklight, and glow in the dark. She has been creating art in her spare time for 12 years.

She garners her inspiration from her interactions with animals, windy days, visions experienced during meditation, nebulas, music, and above all her reflections on existentialism and the human experience. Her dream is to one day create visual art full-time. You can view some of her art and follow her holistic wellness endeavors on her Facebook page True Measures Personal Training; a full online gallery of her lifes work will soon be available at


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