Megan Katz: Visual Artist

We are Megan Katz and Juan Felipe Portillo. We work collaboratively and bounce off of each others ideas by tapping in the subconscious and using automatism for both visual art and music. Our artwork is a reflection and critique on todays’ society. We talk about themes of social equality, love, kindness, sharing, and psychedelia.It is our job as artists to be activists of positive change in our communities. We are grateful for the opportunities we have to create on a daily basis, and our goal is to make art for people to enjoy and have fun. We create these works through a meditative process. There is never any discussion about the collaboration, we simply let the ideas and imagination flow like the river. We use a mix of materials, including pastel, crayon, pencil crayons, markers, and paint. We are inspired by textiles from around the world, street art, children’s artwork, politics, and our own emotions.


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